Our baby giraffe

We think the new addition to our family is just gorgeous! Did you know a baby giraffe consumes between four and six liters of milk a day? Quite an appetite for a fellow that weighs between 50 and 70 kgs at birth. Greetings from a beautiful Berluda!

Winter greetings

Good morning from a cold Schoemanshoek! You will not find a better time for stargazing in the Little Karoo. The Southern Cross with its two pointers, Alpha and Beta Centauri, is clearly visible, due to our low pollution levels. Enjoy Oudtshoorn’s wide-open spaces, crisp winter mornings and breathtaking views.

Thoughts about Autumn and lockdown

By now we are used to the idea of lockdown, albeit not very excited about it. Life, as we know, changed dramatically over the past few weeks. Coffee dates with friends, a quick chat with the neighbor and even walking the dog became things of the past. Mornings and evenings are starting to get colder…